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Capp Heritage is the celebration of spirit and endurance to one of the Napa’s oldest families. Starting with the roll of the wagon trains in 1845, David Hudson, family and friends made their way across the Sierra Nevada’s to homestead in what is now Calistoga. Shortly thereafter cabins were built and life on the trail became life in the fertile Napa Valley, but life was about to change again as the Mexican army came from the south to “boot” the squatters out. What ensued next became known as the “Bear Flag Revolt.” Short lived as battles go, the Mexican army lost and the California territory was on its way to becoming a state in 1850. David Hudson’s family and friends made up approximately 30% of the army. After the battle they settled back to normal life in the Napa Valley…But hearing there was gold in the Sierra Nevada foothills, the Hudsons were off to seek their fortune in the gold rush of 1847. Amassing quite a fortune, the family came back to the Napa Valley, again to reside. Purchasing what is now the town of St Helena, the Hudson family built a large home and planted grapevines and became one of Napa’s first grape growers providing grapes to Napa Valley’s first winery Charles Krug in 1861. In the coming years Jacob Beringer was hired as vineyard foreman and eventually the Hudsons sold the vineyard and house to the Beringer family. The Hudson house can still be visited at Beringer Winery today. From the Napa Valley the family moved up to what is known as Lake County today, built another “Hudson House” , planted grapes and eventually sold to property to actress Lillie Langtry in 1888. As the Hudson family grew and the generations continued on, one of Hudson’s granddaughters married a gentleman by the name of Giuseppe Caporicci, who Americanized the name to Capp…who is the grandfather to Capp Heritage owner Dan Capp, who is married to Marguerite Capp…and no, you’re not going to be tested on all this, but you should know that Dan and Marguerite planted their vines in 1973 and have been growing world class grapes and making world class wines ever since.